Halloween Activities

Elementary Halloween Activities

Anyone out there looking for elementary Halloween activities?  It pretty much never fails.  I think… nah!  I’m not going to do a whole lot of different things during this week, and then I end up frantically looking for things to make the week special for my students.  They are still only 6 or 7 year-old kiddos – I need to make it fun and memorable!  And truth be told… I have so much more fun teaching when things are fun and unique.

So here are some fun Halloween activities to keep your students engaged during this time. 🙂

Color by Number Activities

Honestly, one of the simpliest activities/worksheets to do is your tried and true color by number.  Students still absolutely love these, and no matter how you look at it, they are practicing skills they need.  Many moons ago, we could get these from a workbook, but they didn’t necessarily give each student the math skills they needed (hence differeniation).  Now… you can grab the same picture worksheet, but with addition to 12, addition to 20, mixed addition and subtraction, missing addends, or just subtraction!  How amazing is that!  Check out mine below!

Halloween Activities


Color by number halloween Worksheets
Color by number halloween Worksheets
Color by number halloween Worksheets
Color by number halloween Worksheets
Color by number halloween Worksheets
Color by number halloween Worksheets
Halloween Mystery Pics

Halloween Mystery Pictures

This is actually one we do year after year, and it never gets old.  We use powerpoint, but you can use Google Slides.  All you need to do is open up PPT and press present.  The slideshow does the rest!  It will show the students what colors they need to use for the picture.  Then it will show an amount with tens and ones.  Students will find that number on their picture and color it.  When the picture is done, they have a halloween themed pic!  Super easy and the students LOVE it!

Digital Escape Room

Let’s just say… I love Escape Rooms!  As in – I might be addicted.  But I also want to pick the people I want to do one with – can you say competitive?  I’ve done them with my family, and that was a ton of fun (and yes – we escaped) and I’ve also done several with my two favorite co-workers.  They are super duper strategic and smart, so playing with them is always a blast!

So of course once I found Boom Learning, I started thinking of ways to create a digital escape room for elementary students.  These are super popular and are catered to elementary students.  There are 3 Math activities and 2 ELA activities. This is interactive, promotes peer collaboration and problem solving skills!

All of my digital escapes have a storyline with Monty the Mischievious Monkey at the center of the story.  Click HERE to read all about them!

For our Halloween one, Monty decides that he wants to go to a Haunted House.  As soon as they get there, he gets lost.  The students will need to find Monty and get out of the house within one hour.

SKILLS COVERED: (1st grade skills)

  • Make the equation true (two subtraction sides)
  • Halloween Words
  • Building sentences
  • Missing addends
  • Making a ten to add (9 + 3 is the same as 10 + 2)
Halloween Writing Activity

Halloween Writing Activities

Are you looking for a fun Halloween writing prompt activity to get your students excited about writing? This Halloween Writing Craft is a great way for students to write a story about a Halloween experience or write a made-up story. These look great on the outside of your classroom wall or displayed inside your classroom, and students and adults love reading what your kiddos wrote about.

This product comes with:

  • Three different covers (My Halloween Story, Trick or Treat, Once Upon a Halloween)
  • Writing pages for the mini booklet
  • 2 different webs
  • 35 images for students to pick from (witch, witch 1, princess, bee, Dracula, astronaut, bee2, clown, cowboy, fairy, 60s, ice princess, ladybug, mermaid, pirate, super kid, bat, cat, devil, Frankenstein, ghost, mummy, pumpkin, skeleton, spider, Dracula 2, witch3, wizard, policeman, fireman, super kid girl, pirate girl, cowgirl)

Each child in costume prints on two sheets – final product is glued to an 11×17 piece of construction paper.

Halloween Number Bond Activities

Here’s a fun way for students to practice Missing Addends using Number Bonds. This is a Halloween themed activity, and there’s animated objects on each slide. There are 81 slides and the number bonds go up to 10.  These are self-checking and interactive!

Halloween Number Bonds


I have several different activities for fact families with a Halloween theme.

Printable:  I have one set that is perfect for centers.  Just cut out the numbers and task cards.  Students will then grab a task card that shows 3 numbers, then place those numbers onto the fact family house.  There are also cards for them to check their work.

Digital:  I just made these, and I think they will be super helpful.  If you project the PPT onto the board, it will show the students three numbers.  They will then write the four math sentences to match, then the ppt reveals the correct math sentences.  Students check their work, then the slideshow moves on to the next slide.  These are great for early finishers, and will allow you to work with students who need a little more help.

Boom Cards:  And of course I have these as Boom Cards.  The three numbers will be given as well as one number in the “house”.  Students will type out the other numbers to complete the fact family house.  Once they click submit, they will know if they got them all correct.

Counting to 10

Here’s a fun Halloween activity for your Pre-K or kindergarten students.  Students will either look at the number (or press the speaker to hear the directions) and then drag out the correct numbr of ghosts, dots, or potion bottles.  This is great for practicing counting objects one to one as well as using a computer mouse or ipad to drag out items.

Elementary Halloween Activities

Elementary Halloween Activities COUNTING TO 10 CLIP CARDS

I also have digital clip cards for counting to 10.  Students will either count the dots on the monster, the ghosts or the bottle of potions and then select the correct number of items.  If they select the correct number, it moves on to the next slide.  If they select the wrong number, it says OOPS try again.  Great for self-checking!

Hallowen Place Value Tens and Ones

Here’s a fun way for students to practice Place Value Tens and Ones with Boom Cards. This is a HALLOWEEN themed activity. Students will count the tens and ones and then type in the correct number. These cover the numbers 10 through 99.

These are self-checking and interactive!  With Boom, only 20 cards are shown at a time (unless you change it) so students can practice this deck multiple times since there are 90 different slides.

Elementary Halloween Activities

Elementary Halloween Activities Google Slides Templates

This isn’t actually an activity for your elementary students, BUT I figured I needed to share this one because it’s so stinkin’ cute!  Now, your students can use these if you wanted them do create some type of slideshow, but we mainly use these as templates for me to present things during the month of October.

All you need to do is add a text box and start typing!  The backgrounds are super cute and there are even animated objects to keep your students laughing at all of the animations!

Halloween Jigsaw Digital Puzzles

And last, but not least, I have Halloween Jigsaw digital puzzles.  If I could have a room with a table designated for puzzles, my life would be complete. 😉 Sounds small, but it’s true!  I absolutely love doing jigsaw puzzles, but my husband hates when I monopolize the kitchen table or any other table for that matter.  He’s not a fan of jigsaw puzzles – not sure how we are even compatitable. 😉 

Once someone created a plug-in for puzzles so that we could create digital ones, I knew I had to give it a go.  They haven’t dissapointed.  I love that they are easy to share with the students, and I also love that you can’t lose any pieces!

Elementary Halloween Activities
Elementary Halloween Activities


If you’ve never done a directed drawing activity in your classroom – you’re missing out!  Before clipart creators started creating these for us, I had a 20 page packet of tons of different clipart that the students would trace onto their writing paper, and then complete a story.  Once I found these, I was hooked!  Thanks to the clipartists who create these for us!

Here’s how it works – students. are shown a portion of an image to draw.  Once they draw that section, they move on to the next box and continue adding. towhat they already drew.  It’s not as easy as they sometimes think, but they still love doing it.  

Have they ever laughed at you when you are drawing something on the board – this puts it all into perspective for them – haha!

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Halloween Bee Bot Mat

We can always use addition practice, so this Bee Bot mat is a great addition for the month of October.  These cover addition problems up to 20.  Students will program their Bee Bot to the correct number after they solve the addition problem.  To read more about how Bee Bots work, and where I bought this AMAZING plastic mat (that all of my cards fit in) – read more HERE!

Bee Bot Halloween Mat


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1st Grade Common Core Math Worksheets

Not my favorite!

Even though Halloween really isn’t a favorite holiday of mine, I know how IMPORTANT it can be to 6 year olds – so I have to put my own feelings aside and make this week as much fun as I can within our classroom walls.  

I hope you enjoy the week!

Until next time!