printable phonics flashcards with pictures

Printable Phonics Flashcards with Pictures *Comes with digital component

For me… these Printable Phonics Flashcards with Pictures have been a life-saver!

Were you one of the lucky ones that actually got trained on how to teach sounds?  Are you an even luckier one that actually has a program that helps you teach these concepts?  If you said yes to both – I’m jealous!  We were NOT trained, and so we have compiled these flashcards to help us help our students.  These come from 15 years of trying to figure it out!  FINALLY… I can say we have a system that WORKS!

Here’s what we do: (1st grade)

For the first 3-4 weeks, we only introduce (revisit) single sounds.  You can check out that resource here.  This one is a just a review, but many of our students need this.  I have found that it also helps with classroom procedures as well.  Read my blog post to find out how these work.


Once we have finished the above single sounds, we start introducing 2-3 blends a week.  We go over the rules and work on them throughout the day.  Once we have reviewed the rules, we add them to our daily FLASH.


When we sit on our carpet to read a book or to do morning work, I flash the flashcards that we have discussed.  Students say the sounds, and then they sing/say the chant that goes with the card (the chants are on the back in case you need or if your student teacher needs (or substitute teacher).

As we progress throughout the year, you can actually have your leader flash the cards.  You can be getting things organized, and they are leading the class with the flashcards.  I’ve seen this done hundreds of times, and it’s pretty impressive.  Admin walks in, and your leader for the day is “teaching” the class.


I’ve also added a ppt/google slideshow for you to use if you want to present on your board.  There are 77 cards, but you can right click and HIDE the ones you haven’t done yet.  It’s super easy to use, and the explanation shows up after the card is shown.  Check out the video below to see a few of them in action.


printable phonics flashcards with pictures

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Letter Sound Recognition

If you are looking for some printable worksheets for letter sound recognition, check out my blog post here.  There’s five sheets for each letter, giving your students TONS of practice.

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