Mother's Day Class Activities

Mother’s day classroom Ideas

If you are looking for Mother’s Day class activities, I have a few different things that we’ve always done for our moms, and they seem to love them! Let me preface this with saying… we also do the same things for dad.  Even though Father’s Day isn’t celebrated during our school year, we don’t like leaving our dads out, so we do this activity for both.  If you’d like to see how we actually celebrate them, you can read our Parent Appreciation Day Celebrations HERE!

Mother’s Day Classroom Crafts

This first activity has gone through MANY MANY transitions.  We started with some really funky images of a mom and dad, then a very close friend of mine made some, then I decided to update with a ton more options. This resource now has 28 versions of a mom and 28 versions of a dad.  Also, it’s now a flipbook rather than what we used to have.  I think this is my favorite!  Tons of options, easy to assemble, and really really cute! These are perfect mother’s day activities for elementary students!

With this activity, students will:

  • complete a rough draft for each flipbook page
  • pick their image that they want to use of their mom and dad
  • write final copy into their flipbook
  • color the flipbook and the image of the parent
  • cut out and staple together
  • hang for all to see
Mother's Day Class Activities
mothers day class activities

Mother’s Day Classroom Crafts – how to set up:

So again, after many trial and error attempts, I’ve finally figured out the best way for us to use this activity.  I’ve created a page with all of the images (one for mom and one for dad), and students can easily pick which image they want to use.  After they pick, I write down their name in the box under the image.

Once I have all of the student options complete, I print the amount needed of each image. 

Below are the images of mom.  **Sidenote… I print out all of the images and put each in a sheet protector in a binder.  They are labeled Image Mom 1, Image Mom 2, etc. (same for dad).  Once students pick what image they want, I just put a sticky note on that page, bring the entire binder to the copy machine, and take out what I need and print.  Super easy from year to year! 🙂

classroom mothers day projects


Next I print the rough drafts for each flip book page.  Students complete this step first, and I read through each one to make sure mom and dad will not get their feelings hurt… learned from experience…

Once the rough drafts are complete, then we move on to the final project.  Because of who I am, I cut out the flipbooks for the students.  It’s easy for me to use my cutting board to do this, but the students could do this step as well.

We keep everything in our red writing folders for storage, until the activity is complete.

Mothers Day Class Activities

I just have to say, these turn out so cute and the parents absolutely love them!  At the end of the year, this is usually the last piece that goes into the students portfolio.  You can read all about that HERE!

If you end up using, I’d love to see the final project!  You can tag me on Instagram. @wearebettertogethertpt – I’d LOVE to see what your kiddos create!

Till next time!

Shanon Juneau

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Mothers Day Class Activities
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