Digital and printable task cards

How to use task cards

I think this is one of my favorite topics!  I absolutely love incorporating games into my classroom – and task cards are exactly that!  It’s really just a problem on a decorated card, but HEY!  They make me so happy – and the students LOVE them!

Digital and Printable Task Cards

I’m sure we all know what a printable task card is – but they really haven’t been around for that long if you think about it!  I don’t know who truly came up with the idea, but once they did – it took off in classrooms around the world – and mine was no different!  How could I contain myself – EVERYTHING became a task card set!  Ya’ll – for real!!


So a task card is typically just a card that usually has one topic on the card and students have to solve.  That’s pretty much it.  You can have 10 cards or 100 cards – that part doesn’t matter.  Students can play as a game with a few other students using a game board, you can use as a Scoot game, or just have students take out the set and write answers on an answer doc.  There are sooooo many options – but one things for sure – students love them, and they don’t even realize that it’s really just a cute little worksheet with one question at a time!  I know, right!?!?!

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Addiction!  YEP!  So, before I knew about digital… I loved my printable task cards.  I would have at least 20 different options at any given time for my students.  At some point I found these AMAZING task card bins (not really – they are for photos – but when I saw them at Michaels I just knew they would be perfect for my task cards!).   So the bin addiction began!

Math Task Cards


Each of my printable task card sets comes with a game board as well as an answer sheet so that you can use them a few different ways.


If you are using as a center (this is how we did it), students would grab a task card set and the game board, grab a few friends, and beginning playing.

  1. Students grab a colored cube to use as their person
  2. Everyone starts at their starting point
  3. There’s a spinner included, so. the first person spins
  4. Then they grab a task card and answer the question
  5. The person to their right has the answer key – so they check the answer
  6. If that person got it correct, they move the amount they spun
  7. Then it’s the next person’s turn

Super easy to play, and your centers are on target to what you’re teaching.  These are a great way to keep your students learning skills as they are playing, as well as learning how to play with others.


So… here’s how my digital task cards work (keep in mind these are different from Boom or from Google Slides task cards).  These are just task cards that students can get to using a device, but still are used exactly the same as a printable version.

  1. We are a Google district, so I add my ppt to my Google drive
  2. Then I go to share with me and grab the link
  3. Next I go to QR STUFF and make a QR code of that slideshow
  4. Then I make a card and add the qr code (print, laminate, and cut)
  5. So now, students just scan the QR code. and the digital task card set pops up
  6. Students click through the slideshow and write their answers on their answer document (keep in mind that the task cards are all mixed up, just like a printable version would be – so students have to skip around on the answer sheet to write down each answer)

Even though you can use the digital task cards as a game, I like using the digital task cards as an independent activity (more for assessment puposes for me or for the student to check their own work.  We use the printables as games, but digital more for “Am I mastering this skill…”

Digital Task Cards

Too Basic for YOU?

Are you ready to take it to the next level? If you are looking for SELF-CHECKING, INTERACTIVE task cards that do the same thing but MUCH MORE -you might want to read about Boom Cards.  You can read all about them here!

I hope you find this info helpful!  Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you would like something specific.  I’m here to help!


Shanon Juneau