Ya’ll… what better way to keep your students engaged and build math fluency than with technology.  Our students use digital task cards as well as Boom task cards. These are closely tied to either the curriculum or to our math standards so that we are always having students practice skills that have been taught or will be taught.  These make learning concepts so easy for our kiddos. This is a great way for differentiation as well – once you build your resources, it makes it so easy to assign students with the task cards that they need.  

This has been a five part series on ways to help your students MASTER THE STANDARDS.  Here’s a link back to the main page in case you just happened to stumble upon this blog post. I’ve been explaining what we do to make sure our kiddos are mastering our common core state standards since we have moved to a standards-based report card.  Today I’m going to talk about Boom Learning.

Boom Learning

So if you haven’t heard about Boom Decks, you don’t know what you’re missing!  SERIOUSLY!! These are digital task cards on steroids. Boom Learning is another platform, and for some reason, that turns people away.  BUT YA’LL!!! I don’t even know how to say this politely… well, I won’t say it – but I just KNOW you won’t be sorry if you try Boom out!  

Boom Learning Cards

They are self-checking, interactive, and FUN!  If you don’t want to pay the SMALL subscription fee (Less than $30 a year for 50 students), then you can still have your students play for FREE!  You can click on this LINK to read more about that! In this blog post, I’m discussing how students can master the standards with Boom Learning Decks.

Boom Learning Decks

Like I said in another blog post, our district moved to a standards-based report card last year.  So our teachers needed each standard broken down so that they could assess and truly know what standards each student mastered, and what standard they still needed help with.  That’s where Boom Learning comes into play. If you pay for the subscription (less than $30.00 a year), then you get all of the reports that will show you a ton of information.  


Find a free Boom Deck (click on the pictures below for three free decks) and let your students play it.  It doesn’t cost you anything to see just how the platform works, and just how much your kiddos love the interaction.  Have fun!!

I love how easy these are to use. Thank you!

Dana F.

Great activity for learners to do independently! We put these on their iPads using the app and they love them because they are self correcting!

Alysha H.

As usual, all your resources are visually pleasing and easy to use! Thanks!

Crystal M.

Great for tracking student progress!

Amy S.


  • This is an internet-based site, so you must have the internet to play Boom Decks.
  • Decks are purchased with points.  Teachers can buy bundles of points, and then use these points to purchase the decks.
  • After you purchase a deck, they appear in your Boom Library.
  • Once you are in your library, you can assign a fast pin or hyperplay link
  • Fast pin – this is a code you give to your students which doesn’t require them to log in to anything.  But just know that the fast pin doesn’t give you results in your reports and it will show the students all cards (instead of a selected amount).  The selected amount is usually 20 cards per game.
  • A Hyperplay link allows you to see the results, as well as adjust the amount of cards students see – but for the hyperplay link, the teacher must have a paid account.

If you would like more information on Boom, or if you’d like to take a FREE course, click on the link below!


If you have any questions about Boom – I’d love to help!  Ask here, and I’ll respond usually within 24 hours.

Till next time!

Shanon Juneau