Student pointing to the days in school digital chart

Days in School

This Days in School Counting Chart is another oldie but goodie!  When I first started teaching, we always did Everyday Counts on our bulletin board (way before Activboards/white interactive boards).  I would get up on my ladder EVERY.SINGLE.DAY to add a number to the number line that went all the way around my classroom by the end of the year.  Did I really like this – honestly – NOPE!  I loved everything about Everyday Counts – but the number line drove me NUTS!  The numbers fell all the time, and it just didn’t fit with my personality.  So when we moved to our interactive boards, I created this resource to use with our flipcharts.  Fast forward a few years, and I re-created to use as a PPT/Google Slide which was even better.

Here’s how it works:

  • Save the ppt to your desktop
  • Everyday you will go to the next slide and then open in presentation mode
  • Once ya’ll are ready to discuss, click either enter or the arrow, and the next day number will appear
  • Press the arrow again, and a question will pop up for the students to answer
  • It’s super quick, and it gets the job done – we are counting our days, and discussing the number chart – WIN WIN!
Student pointing to the days in school digital chart

first 100 days of Days in School Counting Chart

The first 100 slides will show the 100th chart.  So we are counting up to the 100th day of school.  This day is a crazy BIG DEAL for us – you can read all about that day and how we celebrate it HERE.

Each slide will show the next day, and will also have a question for that day.  You can ask more questions if you’d like, but there is one done for you.


Anyone remember this?  Every 10th day – Zero the Hero would show up with some kind of prize.  It usually took the students a few times of this happening before they realized when and why Zero the Hero would show up.  For years we went ALL out for this – but eventually it fizzled – not sure why, though – I loved Zero the Hero.

Here’s the song we would sing:

Zero the Hero came to school.  Zero the Hero is so cool.

At this point, you could do a little dance – just saying! 😉

Zero the Hero saves a space.  So all the other numbers can stay in their place.

after the 100th day BASH counting days in school count-down

So… after the 100th day of school, it’s all down hill!  HA – just kidding, but from here we switch gears.  Instead of counting up, we now start counting down to the last day of school.  Students love the change, and so do we.  As we progress through the year, the questions start changing up a little bit.  There are more questions about place value, and again – you can always ask your own questions, or have the leader come up with a question – they LOVE that!


Student pointing to the days in school digital chart

Daily activities

If you think this is something you would like, click on the image below.  I also have this amazing daily graphing resource that has a question a day to help students with graphing.  Here’s the Blog Post about that here!  You can also grab a freebie from that post.

Graphing in First Grade

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If you end up using one of these resources, I’d love to hear how it went!  Please comment on this post to let me know!  Hope to hear from you soon.


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