Animal Research Projects

animal research projects for elementary students

If you are looking for all-inclusive packets for animal research projects for elementary students, look no further!  These sets have a book with audio that discusses all the amazing facts, a writing and art activity, fun coded messages, word search, and a crossword puzzle to help students remember the facts, as well as a culminating activity to get others asking questions about what students’ learned about each animal.

Why did I create this resource?  

Y’all… it never failed…  I wanted students to create their own books about certain animals, but I was spending more time trying to find facts that were easy for my students to understand as well as easy to review.  I had some books, but they were not on their reading level, so I was constantly having to help them with reading the information.  I wanted to cover my standards, but this was always a hard one with 27 kiddos.  

Once I figured out how to create a book with audio… the rest is history!  It takes a while to find the facts and create the book with audio, but I’m having fun with these sets!  Check out all that is included below!

Animal Research Projects for elementary students

1. Listen to  THE DIGITAL BOOK

Our digital books range from 20-25 pages.

Day 1: I would suggest playing it through the first time and just have the students listen to all of the amazing facts.

Day 2: Then the next day tell students that we are going to write down some of the cool facts we learned yesterday.  Give them their information sheet and play 5-10 slides of the digital book.

Day 3 & 4:  Continue working through the digital book (this will just depend on the grade level and the level of your students)

These are great to project onto your board, but you can also share them through your Learning Management System.  Just drag the video into your Google Drive and share it with your students so they can listen independently.


Once students have their information sheet completely filled out, the next activity is the actual flipbook.  Students will use what they wrote on their information sheet to complete their flipbook.  Once the writing is done, they can color the topper and create their flipbook. 

These make the most adorable bulletin board sets!  Students will love seeing their work published for all to see!

Animal Research Projects for elementary students
Animal Research Projects for elementary students


To help with learning and remembering the facts discussed within the book, we also have some fun worksheet activities for your students.

1.  Coded Messages Puzzles – these are so much fun!  Students are given a code with images – and then a coded message.  They will use the coded images to help solve the animal fact.  

2.  Word Search – just a fun way for students to remember certain words about each animal.

3.  Crossword puzzle – I promise, your elementary students will feel so “BIG” when they are working on a crossword puzzle.  It takes a little bit of coaching, but once they understand the concept, they love these!

4.  Directed Drawings – Not all of the sets have these – but the ones that do are a great addition.  Students draw out the image then write a few fun facts that they’ve learned.

What I’ve learned!

This is my favorite part!  Once we are done learning about the animal, we create hats for students to wear that say, “Ask me about…” These are great conversation starters for parents as well as other teachers and students.  Your kiddos will love feeling like experts on the animal they learned about!  

Animal Research Projects for elementary students


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I can’t wait to share more tips and ideas!

See you next time!