9 Fun Thanksgiving Activities for Elementary Students

9 Fun Thanksgiving Activities for Elementary Students

If you are looking for activities for the month of November, our 9 Fun Thanksgiving Activities for Elementary Students post is a great place to start!  Let’s jump in!

9 Fun Thanksgiving Activities for Elementary Students

Collaborative Posters

To get your classroom decorated for the month of November, our collaborative posters are a great way to incorporate student-decorated posters for your door and inside the classroom.

Here’s how these work:

  • Each student gets one page with a portion of the image
  • They color their section and cut it out
  • Then as a class, you put the poster together
  • Each poster you create is unique to your class
  • It also comes with a writing activity
9 Fun Thanksgiving Activities for Elementary Students


Math Puzzles are a great option for your math tubs, early finishers, enrichment or intervention groups. There are 6 different FALL puzzle sets that cover Addition to 10. Students will cut out the pieces, then they will find the amounts that match the drawings, and then glue the pieces to make a picture. Once the picture is complete, they can color it.

Fall and Thanksgiving Activities
9 Fun Thanksgiving Activities for Elementary Students


It would not be right if we didn’t share some color-by-code activities!  These are such an easy way for students to practice math skills, and they are also no-prep for you… win-win!

I always print about 25 copies of each sheet, put each set into a sheet protector, and then place them in the writing center binder.  Students can grab the sheet they want to work on.  This has always been a huge hit!

You can also use them for sub tubs, early finishers, morning work, and indoor recess!  The possibilities are limitless!

I also have a Thanksgiving Color-by-Number Bundle – check it out HERE!

P.S… these are included in our membership!

digital escape

If your students love digital escapes, or you want to try these with your students – our sets are NO-PREP and so easy to incorporate!  Wait… did I say NO-PREPYEP… I sure did! Each of our digital escapes has our classroom mascot, Monty! 

Here’s what one teacher has to say:

You can never go wrong with Monty the Monkey especially when he gets into mischief and needs help escaping! My class absolutely loves helping Monty and I absolutely love seeing the excitement on their faces as we do these escape rooms.

This Thanksgiving Digital Escape Activity using Boom Cards is a great way for your students to practice ELA and Math skills while having a ton of fun with Monty! This is interactive, promotes peer collaboration and problem solving skills! Skills covered are S Blends, addition and subtraction, Sight words, and greater than and less than.


Monty invites Teddy the Turkey to class, but Teddy has never been in school before. It’s your job to help him with the skills that the teacher is going over.


  • S Blends
  • Addition and Subtraction
  • Sight Words
  • Greater than and Less than
9 Fun Thanksgiving Activities for Elementary Students


This center never failed!  I would change them up monthly, and the students never seemed to get tired of it.  Same exact concept, just different clipart – but the students LOVED THIS ACTIVITY!

Fact Family up to 10:

Are your students having a hard time with Fact Family (related facts)? Are they putting numbers that don’t belong in the house? This center activity was created to help my first graders with this concept. The manipulation of the actual numbers has helped them realize that the three numbers on the top are the only three numbers they can use.

What’s Included:

  • 2 fact family house mats
  • 20 task cards showing what numbers to use
  • Answer cards that either print on the back of the task cards or on another set of cards (depending on how your printer can print – you have two options)
  • Number cards to place onto the house mats
  • Cover for the task cards set


If you’re looking for a fun way for your students to work on place value with a Thanksgiving theme, this Thanksgiving Mystery Pictures Math Place Value Worksheets is a great addition to your stash! You can do whole group or independently. Students will count the hundreds, tens, and ones for each slide, and then color the appropriate square. If you do it whole group, it is timed. If you do it as an independent activity, students can go through the slides at their own pace. There are five different pictures that come with a powerpoint/GOOGLE SLIDE and QR code card.

What’s included:

  • 5 ppts (one for each picture) Each ppt is at least 100 pages – whole group
  • 5 QR code cards – this is for independent practice
  • Printable PDF with the pictures to color
mystery pic download
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If you don’t have a paper cutter at home or in your classroom, you are wasting precious time!  Absolutely a life-saver… especially with center activities. and collaborative posters.

I found these twisty crayons a few years ago… oh my gosh!  Now… they are reserved for special activities (collaborative posters) but the kids love them.

Also found these colored pencils work extremely well with our collaborative posters – the kids feel so special using the teacher’s special stash.

These are BY FAR my favorite markers of all time.  They last FOREVER and are so vibrate!

9 Fun Thanksgiving Activities for Elementary Students

This Thanksgiving (Fall) Directed Drawing Activity is the perfect addition to your November Writing Center. Students will look at each portion of the picture to draw out the image, then they can use the word bank given to write a few sentences about their picture.


  • 17 images using the no prep sheets – just print and hand out
  • 17 images of center cards – print, cut, laminate then place in center


  • Early Finishers
  • Writing Center
  • Art Center

Thanksgiving Flipbook

This Thanksgiving Writing Activity is a great way for students to reflect on what they are thankful for! This writing activity comes with 8 different characters to pick from, along with a sloppy copy and final book. There’s a page to write about why you are thankful for mom, dad, sister/brother, grandma/grandpa, friend, and teacher. There are also blank sheets for other things students might be thankful for. I have created two different types of lines (one dotted and one solid – depending on your writers).

Thanksgiving Writing Activity
Thanksgiving November Google Slides Templates


And last… because I know you’re busy – why not some already-made templates for you to use however you want?  These are so easy – just add your own text and you’ve got cute backgrounds (with some animations) that your students will love!  PLUS… it will give your presentations just the added touch you never thought you needed.  


I hope these ideas and activities help you have a wonderful November! 

Don’t forget to check out our Elementary Hub Club Membership.  With literally thousands of activities, you can’t go wrong if you are working with K-2 kiddos.

Until Next Time!