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Graphing in First Grade

So… I just have to say… I had to go back to my OLD external hard-drives (2007) to locate this oldie but goodie, Graphing in First Grade, and then recreate using PPT/Google.  When I first created my daily graphing questions, I used the software that came with our Activboards, called Flipcharts.  I never thought I would not use Flipcharts, until Google came along.  So after a few weeks of recreating, I’m finally done, and I absolutely love the new version.  If you are looking for the printable version, scroll down to the bottom to see those images, but it is included in the digital resource.

Here’s how it works:

On the back end, you will take a picture of each student, drag them into the individual pictures ppt, and then drop it into the daily graphing questions slideshow (see video below).  There are 180 different slides, so this will take you a little while, but you’ll thank me once it’s done.  After that, all you have to do is show the question on the board, have students come up and drag their picture to their answer, and then discuss.  This is perfect for introducing graphing, as well as using for attendance.  This WAS our attendance tracker.  All I had to do was glance at the board to know if someone was absent.   I’ll walk you through how to do it all in the videos below.

Yes/No Questions for Daily Graphing

These graphing in first grade questions dealing with Yes/No answers are fun and easy to implement.  Students will either drag their picture to the circle for the YES answer, or drag it outside of the circle for the NO answer.  There are basic questions and then fun questions.  I’ve also included an editable one where you can insert your own questions.

These questions are a great way for you to get to know your students, and for them to get to know each other.  Suggestion… put your own picture on the graph as well, and you answer them too.  This is a great way for your students to learn some fun facts about you.


Picture Graphs (Graphing in First Grade)

This set also comes with a lot of picture graph questions (horizontal and vertical).  The horizontal ones have three answer selections and the vertical ones have four selections.  These are great visuals to help students start answering graphing questions like:

  • which has the most
  • which has the least
  • are there more blank than blank
  • How many more/fewer chose blank than blank

I’ve also inlcuded blank sets for you to add your own questions and answers for both the vertical and horizontal graphs.


Would you rather fun questions

I think these are my new favorite type of daily graphing questions.  These are just so much fun, and the students love them.   I like these because they are just fun questions that help you with little fun facts about your students.  Again – add your picture as well, so they can learn fun facts about you.

Would you rather questions are a great way to get your student talking.  You could always do a turn and talk for them to explain to their partner why they chose what they chose.


Adding pictures of each student

  • Take a picture of each student – I suggest holding the camera the same way for each picture so that it’s easier to size
  • Once pictures are taken, get them onto your computer either by using Airdrop (MAC) or saving the images to your google drive, then downloading that folder
  • Open up the individual pictures ppt (from my resource)
  • Drag each picture onto a slide, then size, and send to back
  • Type the student name
  • Then go to the next slide and continue the process until you have all of your students inserted
  • In the PPT, go to File and click Export
  • Click save as PNG
  • This will create an image of each slide in a folder called Individual pictures

2nd Part to creating daily graphing questions

  • Open up the folder called Individual Pictures
  • Select all of the images that were saved as PNGs
  • Open up the PPT called Daily Questions
  • Drag the pictures onto the first slide
  • Select all of the images and double click
  • Resize them to .71
  • Then drag to the box on the left
  • Once you have them just the way you want them in the box on the left, select all of them and copy to each slide
google slides tips with teacher shocked about what she can do in google slides

click here to see how you can edit in presentation mode

Let your life be forever changed when it comes to presenting with Google Slides!

Want a good laugh during open house?

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This will also give you an opportunity to see how my graphing resource works.


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different options for graphing in first grade

For this resource, I have YES/No questions, would you rather, and picture graphs that are horizontal and vertical for a total of 180 different graphing questions.  Tons to choose from… one for every day of the year!  ENJOY!

Graphing in First Grade
Graphing in First Grade
Graphing in First Grade
Graphing in First Grade

not quite ready for digital?

No judgement here!  But… since this resource is combined, I just ask that you try the digital a few times to see if it might work for you.  But if not, like I said, the printable option is included. 🙂

question-of-the-day-graphing 1
question-of-the-day-graphing 1
question-of-the-day-graphing 1

I hope you enjoy this resource as much as we have the past 20 years or so!  If you end up using, I’d love for you to leave me a comment below.  Let me know how it went, if you used the printable or digital version, and if you have other ideas for questions… I surely don’t mind adding to this set.

Happy teaching!

Shanon Juneau

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