Hey ya’ll!  I just wanted to share a few things that we did for Valentine’s Day as well as some FREEBIES from TpT friends!

We would always allow students to bring in snacks, treats, etc., but I was always stumped on what to give them.  Obviously, candy wasn’t an option once we had to follow the Pennington List – So I made the students cute little bags that they could hold all of their valentine cards and treats from the other students.

I printed their names on the front and then a cute little saying on the back, and made a BEAR face using scraps that I had of foam stickers.  Once I ran out of the sticker hearts, I just used regular ones and hot glued them to the bag. I bought the white bags at the Dollar Tree, and it was a huge hit!  Cute, cheap, and that was my gift to them!

Once I realized that they liked that, I also did a Bunny Bag for Easter.  Ya’ll – SO CUTE! 

I’ve also collaborated with some other TpT authors to share some Valentine freebies just for you!  You can click on the pictures below to check them out!  ENJOY!! 

If you choose to check out my Valentine ten Frame BOOM DECK,  but you’ve never heard of Boom before, click here to read about and watch the video about what you can do with the free version of BOOM.  ENJOY!!


If you are looking for some COLOR-BY-CODE (Numbers) activities, I also have these in my TpT store.  I have created different skills sheets depending on where your kiddos are in the computation process.  I have from easiest to hardest:

  • addition to 12
  • addition to 20
  • subtraction within 20
  • missing addends
  • mixed review (addition and subtraction to 20)

These are all the same images so that students do not know that everyone is working at different levels.  Great for differentiation!