Student information google sheet

Alright – so it’s almost that time… WHO’S READY? As we prepare for a new school year, one thing that we need to make sure we have is all of the student information on each kiddo that will become part of our little family. Here’s how we used to do it:

Meet and Greet – parents come in, it’s complete chaos because I don’t really know the students yet, and parents are wanting to tell me everything they can about their child while 300 other people are in my classroom. YEP – true stories… We are a K-8 school, so not only do you have your kiddos for this school year, but you have all the families that you’ve taught in previous years coming in to give hugs! Obviously a wonderful problem to have, but it can be a bit chaotic.


I worked in the technology department for three years before becoming an administrator.  Oh the things I learned that would have made my life in the classroom SO MUCH EASIER!!! One of those things is called AUTOCRAT!


  • Distribute the form to your parents (there are many ways to do this – but I do give you a few options in my resource)
    • QR code – parents just have to scan the QR code, and the form pops up on their device (love this one)
    • Have several computers/ipads up and ready for parents to type in their information (not my favorite – since it’s a bit chaotic in the classroom)
    • Put the form on your website, so parents can do before school even beings (love this one)
  • Once parents fill out the form, the spreadsheet is generated
  • You will go into the spreadsheet and autocrat the information with a google doc that is created for you (I have a video that walks you through how to create the Autocrat for this spreadsheet)
  • A google doc will be generated with all the information you need on each student
  • You can print these to have in a binder AND it will also be in your Google Drive folder


If you already know how to use autocrat, all you need to do is create a google form that has the information you want on each student.   Then you can create a google doc that has the tags for your google form. Next, , run autocrat. And VOILLA!!!! If you aren’t sure, or don’t have time, check out my resource below.

PS – I also have videos on how to create the QR code and how to edit the google form I’ve created for you.

Here’s the LINK to this resource in my store!  OR click on the picture below.

 Hope you enjoy!

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