short vowel cvc words activities

Short Vowel CVC Words activities

After many years of teaching first grade, I think one of my favorite things is short vowel CVC words activities!  WHY?  Because most students either come with letter/sound knowledge, or quickly grasp the concept within the first few weeks of 1st, and then they start easily building words, and they LOVE that they can READ these easy words.  If you want to see what we do the first few weeks to make sure students have letter/sound recognition, check out that blog post HERE!

So… here’s a few of my favorite types of short vowel review worksheets that we use as either SUB TUBS or just fun, quick early finisher activities.

Short Vowel Activities

The first worksheet introduced to students has three letters mixed up that once “unmixed” spells out the word of the picture shown.  Students write the jumbled up word correctly (under the picture).  Then students write a sentence using at least one of the words from the above pictures.

The second type of worksheet has four letters mixed up. Students will first need to find the three letters that actually build out the word.  Then they will write the word correctly, and finally they will use at least two words from the pictures above to write out a simple sentence.  I have these for short vowel a, e, i, o, and u words.

short vowel cvc words activities
short vowel word search activities

Word Search Printable

Another fun activity for your students is word search activities.  Student are given the words they need to find (all short vowel words) focusing on one short vowel at a time.  These really are great to use for Sub Tubs because they are easy for students and for subs!  These also come with a fun joke that is shown after students find all of the words.  Super fun!

Secret Code Puzzles for Kids

Here’s another fun activity for short vowel practice.  We call these code puzzles, but I think there’s another name for them?  Anyway – students look at each pucture, write the letter that the picture represents, then they rewrite the complete sentence adding puctuation. 

Again – these are great for sub tubs or early finishers!  Students love being code CRACKERS!

Secret Code Cracker
short vowel cvc words activities

Short Vowel Puzzles

These are super cute and fun for the students.  

  • Each student gets two pages – one with the pictures and one with the puzzle pieces
  • They will cut up the puzzle pieces
  • Then they will find the word on each puzzle piece that matches the picture
  • After they find them and glue them to the picture page, they can color their puzzle

Short Vowel Practice

I hope you enjoy these fun sub tub or early finisher short vowel activities!  If you would like to see more like this, let me know… they were fun to make!

Until next time!