BUILD ON CONCEPTS (morning math)

There have been so many times when students say, “But I don’t remember what to do!”  OR “Did we learn this already?” Have you heard these questions? If so, morning math work that constantly either goes over concepts already taught or builds on something that they will need to know for future lessons might help with those issues. Today I’m going to continue talking about five ways to help your students MASTER THE STANDARDS.  Here’s a link back to the main page in case you just happened to stumble upon this blog post. I’ve been explaining what we do to make sure our kiddos are mastering our common core state standards since we have moved to a standards-based report card.  Today I’m going to talk about Morning Math time.

While many curriculums are still built on teach the lesson, then move on – Eureka Math focuses a lot on continuous revisiting of concepts learned, and building on those concepts.  I love that fact that almost every lesson has 2-4 fluency activities before starting the lesson. I think this is when I realized just how important it is to review daily. Once I saw just how beneficial those fluency activities are, I decided that I wanted to create morning math work that fit my curriculum.  So I did!

What we do daily:

Every morning, we used our morning math workbook to get our brains focused.  These sheets have previous learning, today’s learning, as well as future learning to stretch our minds.  We just put them in a three-pronged folder, but I think if I were still in the classroom, I would have purchased a binding machine.  That way each month or set would already be ready to go. (I have them by month and set just because there were times when we weren’t in that particular month, but we were still working on those lessons.)

I was in a second grade class last week, and the teacher projected the daily math sheet onto her activboard.   While she was working with one group of students, her leader was going over the answers. She was using ActivInspire so that the leader could write the answers onto the projected sheet.   If students had questions, they would ask the leader for the day. Can you say GENIUS!

I would love to save you time...

If you don’t have time to create your own morning math worksheets, you can check out my yearly resource here!  I have them for each month, and they will not only save you tons of time, but they cover every first grade math standard!  Enjoy!!