Bingo card Telling Time Math Game Review

math review for 2nd grade

If you asked me… worksheets or a game for review, I will 100% every.single.time pick a game, so this math review for 2nd grade is of course going to talk about a fun game.  Just to clarify – this will also work well as a end of the year 1st grade review after you teach telling time to the hour and half hour.

My 1st grade classroom was FULL of games.  Before I started creating, I wrote grant after grant to get real board games into my classroom.  Once I realized I could make my own so that they were tailored to our curriculum, IT.WAS.ON!

When we get together with our grown children, we PLAY GAMES… from cards to board games to video games.  It never ends.  So, for me – games in the classroom is a no brainer!  What do you guys do?

scrambling to see where your students are?

With last year being such a weird year and following an even crazier half year with COVID, our teachers were struggling with just getting students back acclimated into the classroom.  We all know that our students suffered so much with this year of uncertainty – in the classroom, back virtual, a little bit of both.  Some can handle the lack of consistently, but many can’t.  So as you are trying to get a feel for what your students grasped last year and what they might need help with, I encourage you to keep it fun.  Play games, send games home for parents to play with them if they are still struggling, find games online that are academically focused, but also fun (ummmm – just have to give a shout-out to Boom right here!)  Boom is the perfect way to give students the practice they need, and the encouragement and fun they deserve! 🙂

2nd grade math review games

As I started thinking about the topics that were glazed over last year, I knew that telling time was one of them.  So I started brainstorming ways to have fun with telling time, and BINGO came to mind.  But I wanted a version that could be used in class as well as remote learning if it comes to that again this year.  So let me explain how this one works!

There are several different ways you can use this resource.

  • Completely digital
  • Half digital and half printable
  • Completely printable

I’ll explain each in detail below.

Bingo card Telling Time Math Game Review

Math Review for 2nd Grade Completely printable

Are you ready to get back to your printable resources?  I’ve got you covered for that!  I love digital, but I also know that just a normal game of BINGO is music to the ears!

My printable comes with:

  • 100 different BINGO cards in a 5×5 grid showing time to the hour and half hour (these come in full page so all you have to do is print and laminate, and it also comes as half-page so you would need to print, cut, and laminate).
  • Printable clock times that you will cut and laminate to pull “out of a bag” to cover the times on the bingo cards

Once you’ve printed, you’re done!  These will last for years, and there’s sooooo many options.

You can use as:

  • whole group game
  • center game
  • Math night – since there are over 100 different options, this can be used with a lot of students
  • during indoor recess

Printable and digital combination

Option 2 GOOGLE

Here’s a fun way to get a little bit of digital and a little bit of printable!

  • Printable BINGO cards (100 different ones)
  • QR codes Students scan the QR code, and the caller card pops up with one clock – students cover that clock on their BINGO card, then touch the screen to move to the next caller card.  Students will see the image below!

There are 4 QR code cards with four different slideshows randomized.

This is perfect for:

  • Centers (small groups)
  • Small group instruction


google slide showing a digital clock
Bingo card Telling Time Math Game Review
Bingo card Telling Time Math Game Review

printable and digital combination

Option 3 powerpoint

Here’s another fun way to get a little bit of digital and a little bit of printable!

  • Printable BINGO cards (100 different ones)
  • Powerpoint comes with 14 different caller card games
  • Teacher or student leader clicks on the color boxes, and clocks appear
  • Students cover up that time on their Bingo card.

This is perfect for a whole group activity.  Present on your whiteboard, and PLAY!  The image below is the first slide in the powerpoint that has 14 different caller card games.


Bingo card Telling Time Math Game Review

Completely Digital

So, if you’re like me, and you’re not burnt out on digital – this one is perfect!  Everything is digital!  Here are a few ways you can use this one!

  • Students have Google Slides that they can manipulate.  There are circled transparent manipulatives that they move over the clocks, but you can still see the times to check when they yell Bingo.
  • There are four different links for you to copy these slides into your Google Drive.  Each set has 24 Bingo Cards.
    • If you are doing whole group or virtual – I would put 6 or 7 kids on each slideshow so that it’s not bogging down the slides.
  • Powerpoint – you can present the powerpoint on the board, and students can use their devices to move through the slides
  • You can use the QR codes if you don’t have PPT
    • I’ve also included the files for these if you want to just drag into your google Drive so you don’t have to scan QR codes

No matter how you decide to use, I know your students are going to love reviewing time with this fun BINGO game!  

digital google slides
Bingo card Telling Time Math Game Review


If you happened to stumble upon this page, and aren’t ready for review… here’s a blog post about 5 different ways we TEACH telling time in the classroom. 

I hope this blog post helped in some small way, and as always – I’d love to hear from you!


Shanon Juneau

We Are Better Together