math Puzzles with Pictures

Math Puzzles with Pictures

I’m super excited to finally have time to make these math puzzles with pictures for elementary students!  I’ve been wanting to use/make, but I just wasn’t sure how to create them.  I finally bought a puzzle maker to use with PPT, and WOO HOO – I’m so glad I did.  I’ve been having fun creating images for the puzzles, and then using the puzzle maker to make it come to life!

Here’s how these math puzzles for kids work:

You pick the skill: (this is what I have so far)

  • Telling Time
  • Place Value
  • Addition to 10
  • Addition to 20
  • Addition and subtraction within 20

What’s included:

  • There are 6 puzzles with each resource
  • 1 sheet with math problems
  • 1 sheet with puzzle all mixed up
  • Answer key

How it works:

  • Students get two sheets (one with math problems and one with puzzle)
  • They cut out the puzzle pieces that are mixed up – and have answers on each puzzle piece
  • Then they find the math problem and answer that matches
  • Next they glue the answer pieces onto the problem page
  • Then once the picture is complete, they color it

GREAT for:

  • Morning Work
  • Enrichment/Intervention
  • Early Finishers
  • Math Stations/Math Tubs
  • Extra Practice


math Puzzles with Pictures

want to create your own math puzzles with pictures for kids?

Here’s what I do:

  • Decide on the skill I want to cover
  • I use PPT to create these
  • Create a grid/table (I did 3×3 for kindergarten and 4×4 for 1st and 2nd)
  • Type in your math problems into that table (make sure each has a different answer)
  • Duplicate that grid/table
  • Drag in cute clipart (I buy on TPT – just make sure the clipartist allows for their items to be used in puzzles). Make sure the clipart is all within the grid
  • Then type out your answers onto that grid
  • Next – create puzzle pieces using this (BEARWOOD LABS). After you purchase his app, you will get an email showing you how to use it.

Thanks… but I don’t have time to create my own??

Well, I’ve got you covered.  I will be adding these for every month!  If you follow me on TPT, you can see when I add them and grab them for 1/2 off within the first 24 hours.

If you go to my puzzles category, you can see them all!  I also have jigsaw puzzles within that category (read about those here!).

Currently (as of June 28th) I only have summer activities.  But my plan is to have a set for each month.

Hope these help!

Talk soon!

Shanon Juneau – We Are Better Together

math Puzzles with Pictures
math Puzzles with Pictures
math Puzzles with Pictures
math Puzzles with Pictures
math Puzzles with Pictures