literacy center games

These Literacy Center Games will have your students thinking YOU’RE THE BEST TEACHER EVER!  They have NO IDEA that they are actually practicing fluency building/word recognition skills with this one.  By far… the best center activity ever!  They will beg to play!  It’s fun, addictive, engaging, and fast paced.

literacy center games

here’s how it works:

1.  Place all of the cards in the middle (they can be face up or face down – it doesn’t really matter)

2. Each student (can play up to 8) grabs a card and places it in front of them

3. Someone says go – and the fun begins

4. Each card has 1 word that matches a word on the center card – whoever finds their matching word first, picks up the center card and places the center card and their card on the side of them. (students have to say their word OUT LOUD and they have to prove their match by showing all other players their word on both cards)

5. The winner of that round picks another card from the center deck and round 2 starts (all other players keep their card)

6. The came continues until all cards from the center deck are gone (or center time is over)

7.  Students count up the cards next to them – whoever has the most cards – wins!

This product is a 10/10! It is easy to use, and the only time-consuming aspect was the cutting. I am beyond thankful I didn’t have to create it myself.

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These are so great! My kids love playing this game during center time!!

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I teach Special Education Resource classes. My students are often very reluctant to read and need many repetitions to learn a new word. They beg me to play these games, almost daily. Little do they know they are actually practicing reading while having fun.

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So I started off with Dollar Tree sandwich containers – I don’t suggest this method – these centers get used soooo much, that those didn’t last long.

Then I found picture storage containers… WHAT???  LIFESAVER.  Not only are they perfect to store each game, they also come in a super sturdy box that holds 16 containers.  These are BY FAR my favorite.  But because I have sooooo many games, I also keep some in zip lock baggies.

*The picture storage containers come in clear or in color, I actually have both.  I buy whatever is on sale.  Michaels usually does some great deals on these, and I’ve also purchased several on Amazon.  I also had a parent buy two for me as an end of the year gift – gotta love parents who understand the obsession with storage bins!

I’ve also created covers for each picture storage container, making it much easier to stay organized.  Each set also has what topic is being taught on each card.

ready to take the next step with these literacy center games?

You’re in love, now what?  Well… I have an ENDLESS bundle that has I’ve ever created and will ever create.  I’m adding about five a month right now, so grab it now.  The savings is CRAZY!  And you won’t be disappointed.  I have word families, blends, sight words, cvc words, and tons more to be added.  ENJOY!


other tips and tricks

Because of the way this game is made, all cards do not have to be used.  So if you want to break up the deck into two (or three) you can.  They game still works perfectly.

Lost a card – no worries – the game still works.  I know, right… MAGIC!

When you first introduce the game – make sure you tell students that they have to prove their word (or else you might just get a cheater – learned from experience).  So our new rule was… “After you say the word, you have to point to your word on your card and the word that matches on the middle card”.

You can send these home for extra practice.  We actually use these as an incentive with our classroom coupons.  You can read about those here!  Students absolutely love bringing these home and playing with parents and siblings – like seriously… a huge hit!

Invite admin and anyone else who works with your class to come in during centers to play with the students.  Students will absolutely beat almost any adult, and they love it!  Honestly… they beat me most of the time.

I’d love to hear about it if you end up using these during centers.  Tag me on instagram at @wearebettertogethertpt if you get the chance.

Talk soon!