So, I’ve been DIGITAL for a long time now.  I’m not considered a digital native, but as soon as I could incorporate technology into my classroom, I did and NEVER looked back!

But I also know that it can be hard for some to get started, I totally get it that it comes easier for some than others.  I get many questions about what the difference is between some of the resources I have in my store, so I figured I would create a blog post explaining each.


These ppts/slides are meant for big group instruction.  Once students finish a task, they sit on the carpet and work out the slides that are projected onto your whiteboard.  They write their answers on either the mat provided or their student whiteboard. These are looped so that students can jump in at any time.  These are also self-checking. The slide is projected, and it gives students anywhere between 5 seconds to 12 seconds to work out the problem, and then the answer is show.

Now – students can use these during centers as well.  My newer ones comes with a QR code card. Students scan the QR code, the slides pop up, students can work through the slideshow the same way.  They write the answer, check their answer, erase and continue. These are self-paced, though. So, students click on the screen to move to the next slide.


These are PPTS that MUST be used with the powerpoint software.  Students are shown a slide, and then they have to click on the correct answer – which then either brings them to a slide that either says, “Great JOB” or to a slide that says, “Try Again.”  This is completely self-guided for the students, but again – powerpoint must be used, as Google Slides doesn’t have the same options as ppt does for clicking to different slides. You can use these powerpoints on desktop computers that have ppt or you can use on an iPad if you have the free PPT app.  I’ve actually stopped making these once I found Boom Learning!  But I do have a ton in my TPT store!


These are just that – task cards that have been made digital.  You can use either ppt or google slides for these. Each task card is labeled with a number, and they are all mixed up.  Students look at the problem; figure out the answer; and then find the number on the task card. Then students will write the answer on the answer document next to the correct number.  Once your students are done, they can either give you their answer document or they can scan the QR code and check their own work. A lot of my digital task cards also come with a printable option in case you’re not “there” yet.  With these, you will get a QR code card that students will scan.  The digital task cards pop up, students press play, and VOILA!  You don’t have to print, laminate, cut, or store!  The only thing you have to print, laminate and cut out are the cards that have the QR code.  Easy peasy!


These, in my opinion, ARE MAGICAL!  This sort of takes all of the above, and wraps it into one!  These are self-checking, student-paced, and animated. This platform also has an app for quick access.  Students log in (after you set up your classroom). You assign the deck(s) to your kiddos, and then they “play”.  The cards are mixed up on the decks, so your students are always seeing different cards. The BEST part about these is that you, the teacher, can click on reports and see how each student is doing on a particular deck.  There are actually TONS of features!  Please come back to my blog soon, I have a big surpise for you focusing on Boom Decks!

This platform does cost if you want all of the features, but the free version works as well.  The cost is minimal, and they accept purchase orders, so maybe your school can purchase. Remember if you choose not to pay, your kids can still play the games in fast mode once your free trial is over.  Seriously, though – once you try it, I think you’ll be HOOKED!!!  

These are just some examples of what I have to offer with each type of digital resource.  To find these in my store, look for the custom categories in the left-hand side of the screen.  You’ll see that I have a lot of different resources,  and many that go with our modules. I’m always adding things that teachers need, so please don’t hesitate to email me if I don’t have what you are looking for.  I’m here to help!