Year long Google Slides Templates for Teachers

Fun Ideas for Google Slides Templates for Teachers

Hey Hey!  If you are looking for google slides templates for teachers, look no further!  I have a ton of cute backgrounds that will make your life so much easier when you are creating slideshows to present to your students.  All you have to do is add text, everything else is done for you.  There are cute backgrounds, themed backgrounds, as well as monthly backgrounds to change things up!  These can also be used with PPT if you are a Microsoft district.

Are you that teacher?

Are you the teacher who spends way too much time trying to create the backgrounds for your presentations?  That would be me!  I’m here to make it easier for you!  The slides are done, just add text.  I have spent the last eight years collecting clipart – and LOTS of money (seriously an addiction) – so let me help you by eliminating one of the steps that might be taking you away from curriculum.  Now… if you are the teacher who loves doing this – (that would be me as well) have fun creating!  We could be best friends!  But if not – keep scrolling to see all that I have to offer.

Year long Google Slides Templates for Teachers

Google Slides Templates Design

Here’s my latest google slides templates for teachers – monthly template slides.  There are a TON to choose from for each month.  So many that you pretty much have a different option daily, and then some.

  • August – back to school templates, classroom subjects for you to explain different expectations, first day templates, students with backpacks, students, and school banners 90+ options
  • September – students with supplies, students reading, teacher templates, students sitting for morning work, students listening, students raising hands 70+ options
  • October – Halloween backgrounds – but I’ll be adding some more generic ones to this set in September
  • November – Fall themed backgrounds, turkeys, scarecrow 35+ options
  • December – Winter themed backgrounds, gingerbread, Christmas 60+ options
  • January – Winter backgrounds, bear in winter clothes, students in winter clothes, snowmen 50+ options
  • February – hearts, rabbits with hearts, Valentine’s day, winter themed, Ground Hogs Da 60+ options
  • March – St. Patrick’s Day
  • April – Spring themed backgrounds, April Fool’s Day, April showers, Easter themed with bunnies 55+ options
  • May – Cinco-De-Mayo, flowers, Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, graduation, and blank slides to add your own 30+ options
  • Birthday – 22 different backgrounds to showcase the birthdays in your class – add these to the above when it’s a student’s birthday
  • Classroom Jobs – Here’s a perfect slideshow for you to go over classroom jobs.  There are 21 different jobs and a few blank slides to add your own

Google Slides Templates Themes

What do I love more than creating Google Slides Templates for teachers?  Great question!  I absolutely LOVE created classroom Decor!  If I could fly around the world decorating classrooms, YA’LL – this would be the job for me!  Even though in my real life, I don’t feel very organized, when it comes to decorating and organzing a classroom – that’s my jam!  My friends say I’m a bit compulsive when it comes to organization – but my husband would laugh at that!  I’m not sure why my classroom had to be so organized, but my home – not so much!  Anyway… if you are looking for themed templates, I’ve started creating these to match my classroom decor.  

You can check out my Classroom Decor Galore blog post here!  I’m always willing to creating new things, so if you have something in mind, let me know – I might be able to create it for you!  If you’ve already purchased one of my bundles, go see if I’ve added the Google Slides templates for teachers.  If I haven’t done so yet, shoot me an email and I’ll jump on it!  [email protected].

Google Slides Templates for Teachers
Google Slides Templates for Teachers
Google Slides Templates for Teachers
Google Slides Templates for Teachers
Google Slides Templates for Teachers
Google Slides Templates for Teachers

Backgrounds for Google Slides Free

Do you want to try out one to see if these will work for you?  I have a Construction themed Google Slides Templates for teachers FREEBIE.  It actually comes in two different sizes, but my paid versions only come in the widescreen version since this is the preferred version and looks so much better than the old width. 🙂 Sign up to my email below to grab this freebie!


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Google Slide Backgrounds Editable Distance Learning

Looking for a more sleek google slides template design?

So… here’s one I created when I was an administrator.  We used this one over and over again for PD.  I also had some of our middle school teachers ask for it so they could use for open house and other things.  I would not have used it in elementary (because everything has to be CUTESY for me) but I sure do love this set for other things. 🙂

If you end up using the construction themed freebie, or one of my other sets, I’d love to hear from you!  OR… if you need something specific, let me know – I’d love to help!


Google Slides Templates Classroom Jobs

I decided to add this one to my year-long bundle because A) it’s super cute, and B) I know classroom jobs is always something that we want to start right away.  So why not have a cute template to type our expectations to discuss each job in detail.  I think I redid my classroom jobs chart at least 20 times, but by the end of my time in first, I had a set that I stuck with and it worked for me.  

How do you present your classroom jobs to your students?  Do you have a ton of jobs, or just a few?  I’d love to hear what you do!

Until next time – 

Shanon Juneau

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