Faculty Meeting Games

Faculty Meeting Games

Why not start off the school year with a few faculty meeting games that take less than 10 minutes to complete?  I know, teachers just want to be in their classroom getting things ready!  TRUTH BE TOLD, I was absolutely 100% that teacher.  I smiled, laughed, etc. but REALLY… I just wanted to be in my room.  Typically we got our list during this time – and being elementary… there’s so many things to do with our student names.

Once I became an administrator, I felt really bad about those first few faculty meetings.  There’s SO MUCH to cover, but I also know exactly where teachers’ brains are…so why not have a few things that are fun and quick to get teachers working together, laughing, and add a little bit of competition?

As I started making collaborative posters for the classroom, I realized that we could also use some of these motivational posters as hallway decorations for the entire school.

Collaborative Posters

Each collaborative poster comes in three sizes (18 pieces, 24 pieces and 36 pieces).  So let’s say you want to use 4 of my posters.  With under 72 teachers, you could do the 18 piece posters.  If you have less than 72 teachers, a few teachers might end up with 2 pieces.  If you want to do more posters or if you have more teachers, you would just need to figure out which poster sizes to use to make sure all teachers get at least one page. Each page takes less than 2 minutes to color, so it’s not very time consuming.

(super easy version) here’s how these work:

  • Have markers, colors, colored pencils at the tables
  • As teachers walk in, hand them a page of the poster
  • Teachers color their page(s) while waiting for everyone to show up
  • It takes less than 2 minutes to color – so once everyone is there – give them a few more minutes for everyone to finish.
  • EASY:  Have teachers write on the back of the square the Letter and Number on their page
  • Then pick up the pages so they don’t get mixed up with other things
  • Have a secretary or parent cut all of the squares from the poster pages (it takes about 5 minutes to cut using a cutting board)
  • EASY:  Keep the same posters together so it will be super easy to put together (not what I would do…)
Faculty Meeting Games
Faculty Meeting Games

More Competitive way to set up (more fun!)

So… I love games.  I’m not necessarily competitive, but BOY… when you give me something to race for – all bets are off!  So I would absolutely make this into a game.


  • We would use five posters with the 18 pieces per poster for a total of 90 pages (fits the faculty number)
  • Mix up the pages so that when you are handing out – the pages are all mixed up
  • Have teachers color pages – but they DON’T write anything on the back (like above)
  • Have a secretary or parent cut up the pages – then mix them all UP!
  • Hand back the pictures at some point during the day
  • Tell teachers that there are five puzzles, and whoever builds their poster puzzle first WINS!  (prizes are up to you 😉
  • Teachers will have to collaborate to try and build the puzzles
  • You could have the five images of the puzzles projected onto the wall if you want to be nice (labeled puzzle 1, puzzle 2, etc)
  • You could also have tables marked with Puzzle 1, Puzzle 2, etc. so that after they find what puzzle their portion belongs to, they can head to that table and start building
  • Have tape at each table so that after they finish their puzzle, they can tape it all together
  • These make GREAT hall decorations for the beginning of school!
  • FOR DURABILITY:  tape to a poster board and laminate
Faculty Meeting Games

How to use in the classroom:

If you would like to read a bit more about collaborative posters and how to use in the classroom – read my blog post HERE!

Enjoy!  Until next time!

Shanon Juneau

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