Fact Families Addition and Subtraction

For some reason, students either get it or don’t… fact families addition and subtraction.  If they get it – it’s so easy to keep trucking along, but when they don’t… whomp whomp!  We actually would scream any time there was a stranger in the house – literally scream.  As I was teaching this concept, I would constantly make mistakes so that they could scream at me!  😉 They sure enjoyed it.

Anyway, I found that the only way to get my students to master this skill, was practice, practice, practice.  We started with hands-on activities, then moved to digital, then to our worksheets.

fact family house

For my students who didn’t understand the concept, (and for those who just wanted to do this as a center), we started with this activity.  If they were having a really hard time, I would only give them the three numbers they needed to build the fact family.  Once they mastered that skill, and were able to put the three numbers into the math sentences correctly, then they moved to having all of the number cards, and then filling out the fact family house.  They loved this center so much, that I ended up making themed fact family houses so that we could have these throughout the year.


Digital Fact Family Practice

Yep… you guessed it!  I also have these in BOOM form – so that students can practice with tons of self-checking activities.  Once students have mastered the above center, then moving on to the digital version is usually a smooth transition.

These digital decks give students one number, and then they have to fill in the rest of the number sentences.  


With my early finisher activities, students get to practice the skill, while you help students who still might need a little bit of extra help.

All you have to do is open up the PPT or Google Slide and press PRESENT!  (it works better with PPT – because the timing works with the settings I’ve created, but Google Slides can still be used).

Once students finish working on your task, you can send them to the carpet or they can work at the desk completing the fact family houses.

How it works:

  • 3 numbers are shown
  • Students write them in the “attic” then they write the four math sentences
  • A new slide pops up after 20 seconds (if using ppt)
  • It will show the answers – students check, erase, and then are shown 3 more numbers


fact family addition and subtraction


As always, I love having just a ton of worksheets to grab whenever I see the need.  These also work extremely well when I need to add to my SUB TUB.

With these worksheets, I have fact family houses that cover up to 10, up to 12, and then up to 20. Great to use for differentiation!


I hope this helped in some small way!

Until next time!


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