How do you make sure your kiddos are getting the practice they need to help them become fluent readers? Are you making it fun while they learn? I think that was my favorite part of planning… what can I create to help them learn without them thinking they are “working”.

Here’s my newest set of double consonant word practice. I have BOOM cards, center cards, early finisher and worksheets.

Just to explain – the BOOM cards and early finisher slides are the same thing. You can use the early finisher slides as a whole group activity. Students finish their work, and then take their whiteboard to the carpet and watch the timed slideshow – the picture and words pop up, students write the correct double consonant, then the slideshow shows the correct letters, and students check, then erase. Then the slideshow proceeds to the next page.

AS FOR BOOM… OH MY GOSH! If you have not tried Boom Learning yet, this is something you might want to try if you have computers or devices in your classroom. Students log into Boom, and then the fun begins. The decks are self checking and if you pay for the site (under $20 a year) you will also get reports of student progress. But you can also just use the free version. Students get the practice they need, but it doesn’t give you reports. If you want to try one of my free Boom decks, click here.


For extra practice, I also have center cards. There are header cards, and students place the pictures with words under the correct double consonant header cards. Great for two students to work together during centers.


To make sure your kiddos mastered the skill, I also have worksheets that you can use for extra practice, center work, homework, or assessments. Students bubble in the correct double consonant.

I hope you find these resources helpful!  AND… don’t forget to HAVE FUN!!!

Big hugs!


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