Are you looking to have a bit of fun while students practice skills they’ve learned?  If so, you might want to try digital escapes.  These are fun for the students as well as a quick review to make sure they are understanding concepts taught.  My escapes are geared towards first-grade standards, but if you have some high K students, they could probably do these, or if you have students in 2nd who need a bit more practice.

First, you are going to read them a short story about Monty the Mischievous Monkey.  The story tells how Monty ends up in a first grade classroom.  Once you read the story to the kiddos once, then you can begin the “series” of all the things Monty does in his first grade classroom that cause chaos.

These do not need to be read in order.  You can just find the skills that you want to cover, and work on that digital escape.  You will be given a few different ways to share it with the students.

TASK CARDS – You can print the task cards, and on these task cards are QR codes.  Students work through the task cards by scanning the QR codes which brings them to some type of assessment.  Once they complete the assessment, they will be given a code to write down.  This code is part of the final code.  They will have several different QR codes to scan to get all of the codes.  Once they have completed the assessment tasks, they will have to input the code correctly to SAVE THE DAY.

GOOGLE CLASSROOM – If you are using Google Classroom, I’ve also included a link that you can copy then share with the students.  They will be given a Google Slide where they will click on the links to get to the assessments.

STORYBOOK – This also comes with the first storybook as a PPT and a Google Slide, as well as the storybook of the digital escape.  The first book introduces Monty.  The rest of the storybooks are the problems that Monty causes – which leads to the “digital” tasks.



**My personal opinion is that the task cards are more fun for the students.  They can work in groups and it’s a bit more exciting.  But that’s just me. 😉

You will need at least enough devices to put students into groups of 4.  Remember, Chromebooks have QR readers as well.   So if you have Chromebooks, you can set up one at each table, and students can work together like that.

Need it to be more challenging?

You can always give the kiddos a time limit for this activity.  You can say that you guys only have 20 minutes to “SAVE THE DAY…” :)HERE’S A LINK TO MY DIGITAL ESCAPES if you are interested.

Hope you enjoy!
Shanon Juneau