So, I just have to say… EEEEKKK!!!  Another digital escape created.  So, for this one, poor poor Monty is stuck at his house.  He’s been there for over a week.  Now, I don’t mention the virus, but I know there are some kiddos who can probably relate right about now.

Anway – Monty is inside, so his babysitter decides to do a scavenger hunt inside the house.  Monty has three rooms he needs to go through, and in each room he will find clues to help him decode the note his mom wrote to him about what he can do so he doesn’t get bored.  

But that’s not all, OH NO, no that’s not all! 

He will also have to use his math and ELA skills to unlock the locks that his babysitter put on cabinets inside each room.   Monty will need your help, though!!

For this escape, I have also included the book I created that tells about Monty. 

This entire escape is online, so you will need internet, as well as devices for your kiddos.  But you, the teacher/parent will not need to do anything – just watch and have fun.  Everything is DONE for you!