Creative Writing Ideas for Picture day!

I love this creative writing ideas for Picture Day activity!  We always ended up with the funniest book!

I’m not sure about you, but one of my MOST favorite things to do with my students is to write books as a spin off from a book we have read in class.  We always called them our innovative books, but I honestly don’t know what they would actually be called.

For this one, we read a book called Picture Perfect? And it was ACTUALLY written by a group of 2nd grade students, which made it that much more fun to read and then re-create.

Creative Writing Ideas for Short Stories:

Throughout our school year, we created MANY books… every.single.year!  Our class books were put into our class library, and they were some of the most saught after books!  The students loved reading our books.  We even put these out during Parent/Teacher conference for parents to look through as they were waiting to see me.  They loved them!  Sometimes we did binders, and other times I would bind the books – it just depended.  I found that the bound ones lasted longer, but the binder was so much easier.  


Set-up of the Creative Writing Booklet

The first page is a picture of a school.  You’ll complete the page by finishing “It’s picture day at…”

The second page of the book is the teacher.  You can write whatever you want on the 2nd page.  I always wrote the same thing that was written in the book – but you could personalize it even more.  The teacher images come with male and female to fit your needs.

How it works:

Then you’re going to hand out boy templates and girl templates.  There are a ton to choose from – you can let the students pick.  I always printed a lot of each one, let them pick, then the rest went into our writing center for them to continue the fun!  You could have them pick the one they want, then print after you know who wants which template.


publish your book

Once you’re done, your book is ready to be “published”.  Put it in your library for all to enjoy!  If you end up doing this activity, please tag me on instagram (wearebettertogethertpt) or share through email.  I’d love to see your final book!

Until next time!

Shanon Juneau

We Are Better Together