1st Grade Math Standards Common Core

1st Grade Math standards Common Core

How do you make sure that your students have mastered 1st Grade Math Standards Common Core? We always relied on our curriculum to teach the standards, until we moved to a standards-based report card.  At that point, we needed to find an easier way to make sure our kiddos were mastering the standards while still following our curriculum (our math curriculum is amazing, but it sort of hops – and I needed something that was straight forward – they mastered 10 sheets of this standard, so YAY – they know this standard…)

I’m not sure where you are or what your district does, but if you want an easy way to make sure your students are mastering the skills needed (aka standards) here are some fun and easy ways to check that off your list!  Speaking of CHECK IT OFF – I have a free check-list for you to grab BELOW!

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student looking at activboard for early finisher activity


The first way I re-introduce a standard is by using our early finishers.   (if you want to read more about early finishers, here’s a blog post about them.)

Once I know we’ve touched on a certain standard through Engage NY (Eureka Math), I use my early finisher master the standard PPT/Google Slide to give students a bit more practice.  This is a whole-group activity.  Students sit on the carpet with their white board (or work mat) and work through the PPT that is projected on the board.  They write the answer, then after about 10 seconds, the answer appears, they check, erase, and the slide automatically goes to the next problem.

These are great because I don’t have to do ANYTHING! I just present the slideshow, and students work on them.  I can be moving around the classroom helping students, while the slideshow does the work.

This isn’t an assessment, it’s just a fun way for students to be engaged and practicing that standard.


#2 Boom Cards

The next way I can give students tons of practice with the standards is by using a fun game to keep them engaged and learning.  I know you already know how I feel about Boom Cards, but once again… I just have to say – best thing EVER!  My Boom cards cover one standard at a time, and students can keep playing until they have mastered that skill.

What’s great about these is, once again, YOU DO NOTHING except assign them!  Boom does everything else.  These are self-checking, interactive, gives immediate feedback, and the students absolutely love them.

OH… and the best thing… once they have mastered that deck, you can go into reports and see a lovely green circle showing mastery of that deck.  I know – AMAZING!  (This comes with the paid version – but ya’ll… this is the best $25 I’ve ever spent…)

bundle of first grade math standards boom cards
ipad displaying a boom card activity for fact families
fact family worksheets

#3 Worksheets

Now… I know we all feel a certain way about worksheets – like I totally get it!  But here’s the truth of the matter, in my opinion – if you want me to assess my students and give them grades, I need some sort of proof that they are mastering the skills that I’m teaching.

So once students have done the ppts, Boom Cards, and some practice worksheets, I will eventually give them three or four worksheets that cover that one standard with different strategies.  This is an independent activity that will let me know FOR SURE that they have mastered that particular standard.  Once I grade these, I can mark on my checklist who mastered and who still needs to work on this standard.  It makes it so much easier to know for sure where each student is with each standard.

Here’s the bundle or you can click on the picture below.

bundle of first grade math standards worksheets

Grab a FREE check-list for your 1st grade math standards

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New teacher?

If you are a new teacher or new to standards, I use this website all of the time for my 1st Grade Standards:  Common Core Standards I like the way it explains everything.

First grade math common core standards I CAN STATEMENTS

I also used the site above to make my I Can Statements.  We are required to not only teach the standards, but also have the standards that we are covering for the day shown on our board.  So we created an I Can version so that these are beneficial to our students.

Images of i can statements

elementary common core standards checklist

If you are looking for a checklist for K-2 that also has ELA – I’ve created a set that has both for grades kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grade.  You can check them out below by clicking on the picture.

Common Core Standards Checklist
Common Core Standards Checklist
Common Core Standards Checklist

work in progress

I know I only talked about math standards on this blog, but I do have ELA resources as well.  I’m slowly but surely adding Kindergarten and 2nd grade, so check out my TPT store and follow me to make sure you get notifications when I upload a new resource.  I put my new resource on sale (50% off) for 24 hours (unless it’s $1.50 or less).  If you go to my custom categories on TPT, I have these marked as either Standards, CCSS, or CC Standards – depending on the space it allowed me. 😉

Let me know if you find these helpful, and/or how you use these in your daily routine!  I can’t wait to hear from you!


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