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Bee Bot Coding Activity Short O Words

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Are you ready to introduce your students to a world of coding? This mat will help students practice SHORT O while coding their robot to get to the correct answer. This resource is to be used with the Bee Bot programmable robot that you already have in your classroom (THE BEE-BOT ROBOT IS NOT INCLUDED!)

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This Bee Bot Coding Activity Short O Words Mat is a great way to introduce coding to your elementary students while practicing building short vowel words (short O).  Students will read the word on the task card and then find the picture on the Bee Bot Mat. Then they will program their Bee Bot to move to the correct picture. This resource is to be used with the Bee Bot programmable robot that you already have in your classroom (The Bee-Bot Robot is not included, nor is the plastic mat!)


  • Task cards for students to complete so they can program their Bee bot
  • Enough picture cards to make at least a 4x6 grid
  • Answer Document for students to check their answer after their Bee-Bot gets to the location
  • Coding Sheet for students to record the movements

What is a Bee Bot you ask?

So, let’ me explain a little bit about how this Bee Bot Coding Fun activity works. The Bee-Bot is used to help elementary students start the coding process.  They (the students) give instructions to the robot by pressing the arrow keys on Bee-Bot’s back and then pressing Go to execute the commands.  Bee-Bot has four directions that he/she understands, and the students must get him/her where they want the Bee Bot to go with only those four types of instructions.

Students select a task card (bee bot activity cards) and read the task card.  This will tell the students where they need to move their Bee-Bot.  There’s always a starting place on the mat. Students will look at the starting place on the Bee Bot and then plan out the route they want their Bee Bot to take.



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