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Antonyms I Have Who Has Game

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This Antonyms I Have Who Has Game is a quick and fun way to introduce, practice, or review antonyms.

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This Antonyms I Have Who Has Game is a quick and fun way to introduce, practice, or review antonyms.


  • above-below, back-front, big-small, black-white, clean-dirty, closed-open, day-night, empty-full, happy-sad, in-out, face-up-face-down

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How to play whole class:

  • students sit or stand in a circle around the room
  • make sure you pass out ALL cards (some might end up with more than one card depending on the class size
  • your leader begins with their card - they will say, "I have... who has..."
  • whoever has the next card, then says what they have - (we sit after we say our card - for a visual)

How to play in a small group:

  • divi up cards among the group
  • have their cards face up so they can see cards
  • one student starts - then they keep on going just like who group
  • they can either turn cards over or hand them to the teacher

What others have to say: 📢

I absolutely love playing games, so naturally my classroom is filled with games as well.  But hear from others that have used my games...

  • These made for a fun activity with my students! They loved it!

  • Great review or spiral review game.

  • The kids love this! It is engaging and they love to try and beat their time from before.


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