I’ve seriously tried it all… these are BY FAR the best way to engage your early finishers without any extra work on your part!  And how lovely it is to have every topic right at your fingertips… find what you are teaching for the day, find the early finisher, and BAM!  You’re done!

HOW THEY WORK in my membership:

I say how they work in my membership because I’ve added an extra type of resource… all of my early finishers also come with a movie file in case you don’t use ppt.  Or even if you do – you might find the movie file easier to use.

  1. Present on your board
  2. As students finish working on their work, they grab their white board or work mat and start working on the early finisher
  3. Students write down the answer
  4. Within several seconds, answer appears
  5. They check their work
  6. Erase
  7. And wait for the next slide
  8. and Repeat

**If you use the movie file and you want it to loop, open up the video file, then go to the VIEW settings and click LOOP.  It works on my MAC, thinking it should work on your device as well.


I’ve also included a QR Code Card for the students who weren’t early finishers.  They can scan the QR code and work on the activity independently during centers or another time you see fit.  

Why are these so great?  Well… first you don’t have to set up ANYTHING!  Just press play.  Now you can work with other students who need your help, and your early finisher students get to continue practicing on the skill you taught for the day.  WIN WIN!


There are hundreds of early finisher activities within the Elementary Hub Club. You’ll never need to look anywhere else!

Elementary Hub Club Membership for 1st grade teachers