So, I’ve tried many different things when it comes to getting my kiddos attention.  I don’t have a loud voice, so if I raise it, it sounds like I’m yelling.  I’ve done the clapping, turning out the lights, knocked three times… ya-da, ya-da, ya-da!

Well, a few years ago, a new teacher joined our team and she told us about the DOORBELL!

WHAT?!?!  Yep – an electronic doorbell!  After she showed us what it can do, we all went out and bought one for our classrooms!

You just carry around the little doorbell ringer in your pocket and plug the other part into an outlet anywhere in your room.  Anytime you want to get your students’ attention, you just press the button.  It works like a charm.

There are tons of different ring tones as well!  I’m serious – this was one of the best investments EVER!

It also worked perfect when I wanted them to switch centers.  I always had to stop guided reading or wait until I was done with a group to tell them to switch.  But with the HANDY DANDY DOORBELL – my problems were eliminated.  Just press the button, and the kids knew what to do!

Here’s a link to one on Amazon  (affiliate link):