Boom Cards

Boom Cards

If you are looking for first grade Unit 4 resources, these BOOM CARDS are absolutely amazing!  They are super interactive, self-checking, easy to assign, and the students BEG for more!  Click on the shop now button to see them in my TPT store!  If you want to learn more about Boom and how to assign, check out my FREE COURSE.

Google Slides

Google Slides

If your district wants you to use Google Slides for digital task cards, I’ve got you covered.  Students will either be asked to drag and drop the correct answers onto the task card, or they will double click on the question mark to complete the problems.  These are SUPER EASY to share through Google Classroom, and they will surely have your students begging for more!  You can check out the VIDEOS of these resources HERE!

Google Form

Google Forms

Once your kiddos have learned the concepts and played the games (digital or printable), these assessements are a great way to close out the lesson.  There are usually 20 task cards per assessment.  Students will type in or select the correct answer.  Once they have completed the assessment, it will show them their grade and it will allow you to go back in and look at the spreadsheet to see where your students are with each lesson.  SWEET!!

Read more HERE!

math worksheets

Print and go worksheets (with digital overlay)

I know that some teachers frown upon worksheets, but I believe there’s a place for everything… and sometimes we just need a good old fashioned worksheet to check for understanding!  If you believe like me – once again, I’ve got you covered.  This set has tons of great practice, from building tens and ones, to completing number bonds!

And if you are not face-to-face, this resource also has a digital TPT overlay so that you can assign a few sheets a day to your students through the platform that you use, and all students need to do is click in the square and type the answer.  Super easy!!

Early finishers

Early finishers

This is one of my oldest resources (my early finisher ppts) – but YA’LL!!!  This is one of my favorite of all time.  I spent countless hours trying to find something EASY for ME and engaging for my early finishers… to no avail – UNTIL… one day I stumbled upon a ppt that I wipped together and realized I found my answer!  All you have to do is teach the lesson, then while the students are working on their problem set, you start the ppt – as in PRESS PLAY!  Then as students complete their exit ticket, they grab a white board and start working on the problems.  They first see the white boxes, but after about 12 seconds, the answers appear.  Students check their work, the slide automatically moves on to the next slide, and they do it again.  This is looped, so students can jump in at any time.  It doesn’t stop until you press ESC.

printable task cards

digital and printable task cards

And here’s a tried and true… I have my printable task cards (also comes with a digital piece).  Before COVID, when I was still in the classroom, I just have to say… my centers ROCKED!  I had task cards for EVERYTHING and I was very confident that my students were ALWAYS learning!  Once I moved into a technology position, I added the digital element to these.  With this digital concept, it’s NOT interactive, it’s just a digital task card.  So students either scan a QR code which brings them to the digital task cards or you share through google classroom.  Students write their answers on an answer document.  The only difference between the digital and printable is the device.  Students don’t actually type on these – they have to write their answers on a sheet of paper just like when they used the printable task cards.

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