1st Grade Math Common Core Standard Worksheets

Have you been looking for 1st Grade Math Standards Worksheets?  I’ve got you covered.  Check out my freebie below, and then see what else is included in our Elementary Hub Club.


1.NBT.C.5 Mentally find ten more or ten less(with Standard at the top)

1.NBT.C.5 Mentally find ten more or ten less (without Standard at the top)

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1st Grade Common Core Math Worksheets

1.OA Operations and Algebraic Thinking

Represent and solve problems involving addition and subtraction

Understand and apply properties of operations and the relationship between addition and subtraction

Add and subtraction within 20

Work with addition and subtraction equations

Addition and Subtraction Word Problems Worksheets 1.OA.A.1
Addition and Subtraction Word Problems up to 20 1.OA.A.1
Adding 3 Numbers Word Problems Worksheets 1.OA.A.2
Adding 3 numbers to 20 Worksheets
Addition and Subtraction Properties of Operations 1.OA.B.3
Missing Addends Worksheets 1.OA.B.4
Addition and Subtraction Worksheets 1.OA.C.5
Addition and Subtraction up to 20 Worksheets
Addition and Subtraction to 20 1.OA.C.6
Equal Expressions 1st Grade Math Worksheets 1.OA.D.7
Missing Addends Worksheets 1.OA.D.8

1.NBT Number and Operations in Base Ten

Extend the counting sequence

Understand place value

Use place value understanding and properties of operations to add and subtract

Counting to 120 Worksheets 1.NBT.A.1
Place Value Worksheets 1.NBT.B.2
Greater Than Less Than or Equal To Worksheets 1.NBT.B.3
2 digit plus 2 digit addition Worksheets 1.NBT.C.4
10 More 10 Less Worksheets 1.NBT.C.5
Subtraction Multiples of 10 Worksheets 1.NBT.C.6

1.MD Measurement and Data

Measure lengths indirectly and by interating length units

Tell and write time

Represent and interpret data

Measurement Worksheets 1.MD.A.1
Measurement Worksheets 1.MD.A.2
Graphing Worksheets 1.MD.C.4
Telling Time Worksheets

1.G – Geometry

Reason with shapes and their attributes

Geometry Worksheets 1.G.A.1
Measurement Worksheets 1.MD.A.2
Geometry Halves and Fourths Worksheets 1.G.A.3